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The Island, The Ocean, and The Pond (Soon)

Charles has just recorded a whiteboard session that helps explain how smart contracts will be coming to Cardano. Really inspiring stuff (as ever). The Pond is Ethereum, The Island is Cardano Plutus/Marlowe, The Ocean is all development languages… Sometimes it’s a bit hard to take in the scale of Charles and the IOHK guys vision. Clue, it’s big and it promises to change the world.

Along the way we get an overview of smart contracts, run time verification using K and IELE (originally developed by Apple in 2003), virtual machines, semantic based compilation…

Devnet due in late Dec/early Jan, IELE sidechain will be added to Mainnet. Integration with Solidity first, then via semantics written in K, mainstream language like JavaScript, C++ etc will be added. K will provide verification.

Commitment to long term support of EVM, so all Ethereum code can be run directly in the Cardano ecosystem. In the short to medium term this is an absolutely game changer. The side chain for this will be live from December 10th.

Fund 3 in catalyst will be all about DApps and DeFi. 500k available.