Site Announcements

Pool tuning

We’ve been tuning the ADV and ADV2 stake pool architecture over the last few days. It has been running well since we implemented at the end of July 2020 when the ADV pool went live, but we have recently invested in upgraded hardware for the primary and secondary clusters and took the opportunity while rebuilding to revisit.

We have made some changes to the connectivity between the relays and block producing nodes to simplify and improve resilience.

We have also optimised the global peers that we track to ensure that we have excellent representation from all regions. We carefully choose other high performing pools as peers. This have resulted in reducing the modal (most frequent) latency from 174ms to around 100 ms which is a very welcome improvement and ensure that the stake pools are best positioned to mint every block allocated.

We are also now reporting the pooltip data for both pools and you will see that on the PoolTool dashboards for ADV and ADV2. You can also see the live network health information at PoolTool and the ADAvault performance relative to peers.

Both stake pools will benefit from these improvements, and as delegators to the pools you can be confident that you are making the most of your stake.

As an aside we really like the work that the PoolTool team are doing to improve the site and supporting infrastructure. The UI/UX is great, and performs really well. The integration from a back end perspective is reliable and straightforward. Kudos.