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SingularityNET phase 2

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that we are big fans of Dr Ben Goertzel who is the founder of SingularityNET, a decentralized platform for AI apps.

So you can imagine that we were pleased to see that the recent vote on the SingularityNET phase 2 proposal has concluded with 90% voting in favour for:

  1. A shift from Ethereum to Cardano in order to achieve new network functionalities
  2. SingularityNET Layer 2 networks with the aim of driving massive token utilization
  3. Launching a stream of New AGI-ADA tokens to drive trillions of AI API Calls
  4. Moving further toward decentralized governance

Dr Goertzel noted:

SingularityNET will now focus on expanding to the Cardano platform in full force and the release of the AGI – ADA tokens in line with the distribution model underlined by the Phase 2 whitepaper. Once the porting work is done, users will be able to swap back and forth between AGI ERC-20 and AGI-ADA

We also tend to agree with Ben on this as well:

It’s just a technically superior blockchain platform. We really felt this was the best way to work toward our mission of beneficial decentralized general intelligence