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100% carbon neutral

We have upgraded the ADAvault power tariff from 100% renewable, to 100% carbon neutral. This includes offset schemes against the carbon cost to manufacture and operate solar and wind generation.

These offset schemes support planting trees every year and improving habitats. One of these projects is the Conservation Coast which helps to protect nearly 60,000 hectares of the Guatemalan Caribbean coast from destruction. This beautiful coast forms a biological corridor for thousands of species, including jaguars, tapir and manatee. The project helps with surveillance and law enforcement to protect the rainforest, and the creatures within it. Plus it offers great education around the importance of conservation. So far the project has stopped 6.1m tonnes of carbon from entering the earth’s atmosphere. 

Other offset projects include the Hezhang Rural Methane Digesters project which builds and installs methane digesters for homes in rural China. Fueled by pig manure, these clever machines turn methane into biogas that local families can use for cooking. As well as avoiding potential emissions from cooking with coal, the project also stops the methane from pig manure being released into the atmosphere, helping improve air quality. 

Our power supplier only supports credible and certified carbon offset projects – with internationally-recognised standards- regulated to the Verified Carbon Standard or Gold Standard. These strict rules help make sure they deliver the carbon-savings they’ve promised. 

We will continue to seek ways to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. You can have confidence that by staking with us you are not only getting great returns on your ADA and helping secure the Cardano network, but also playing your part to support a carbon neutral future.