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Cardano Foundation Strategy

Frederik Gregaard was recently appointed as CEO for the Cardano Foundation. You may already know that Cardano has a trinity structure:

  • Cardano Foundation are the not for profit arm, responsible for long term governance and stewardship for the Cardano Ecosystem.
  • IO Group (IOG, formerly IOHK), the development organisation, responsible for building the code and tools.
  • Emurgo, the commercial organisation providing consulting and industry solutions.

Fred covers the mission and short and long term goals for Cardano Foundation.

This is an excellent presentation from our perspective. Why?

  • Clear strategic perspective, and strong execution focus.
  • Emphasis on legal and regulatory requirements and interaction with regulators.
  • Aim to continue hiring great people and building a dynamic effective team.
  • Demonstrates a clearer understanding of the wider crypto space and competitive dynamics.
  • Realistic timelines.
  • Lastly- feels like a good quality, professional enterprise grade pitch that the Fortune 500 are used to (Fred is ex-PWC).

We are starting to see evidence that the Foundation under Fred’s leadership are ready to take their place in the ecosystem and beginning to lead those important governmental and regulatory relationships. These will be crucial if Cardano is going to deliver on aspirations to become the world’s financial operating system.

Exciting and encouraging progress.

P.S. The Foundation website is also significantly improved in recent months. Worth taking a look.