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Cardano 360 August

Tim and crew (Nigel, Kevin, Ben, Maki, Eric et al) have another action packed show. Yes…they are still on track for September 12th.

Wearing our security hats it’s very nice to hear that a bug bounty programme has been set up with HackerOne. Bug bounties provide a way to enable ethical hacking in a responsible structured process, with defined rewards for cyber security experts that participate. Ethical hacking (or pen testing) can detect design level flaws, unlike automated code scans which focus on coding flaws such as lack of input validation or use of insecure libraries.

The first target will be Cardano Node. It’s a great initiative from the Cardano Foundation to provide a high level of assurance over security of the Cardano codebase and maintain ongoing security.

Great demo of the ERC20 convertor for migration of tokens such as AGIX to Cardano by Francisco.