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Samsung and Veritree

Excellent news just in that Samsung will be using Veritree for a new initiative to plant 2 million trees. Excellent because there are an extra 2 million trees being planted, and excellent because Veritree uses the Cardano Blockchain.

The announcement was made at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES):

Samsung Electronics America is launching a new nature-based project to take actions that support a healthy climate and planet.

Our company is mobilizing the growth and conservation of two million trees in Madagascar by the end of the first quarter of 2022 in partnership with veritree, a blockchain-based climate solutions platform.

“Investing in tech innovations, such as those that create efficiency improvements and minimize waste, in combination with nature-based solutions, are vital in the fight against climate change,” said Samsung’s Mark Newton

You may recall that ADAvault made a donation of 5000 trees to the Cardano Forest during 2021, and we hope to double that during 2022. Our commitment to maintaining 100% Carbon Neutral operations is already met and it’s great to see big players like Samsung moving in that direction as well:

Addressing climate change requires action. Samsung is committed to doing our part to reduce our environmental footprint by embedding sustainability into our business strategies and operations, developing innovative products for a circular economy, and empowering eco-conscious consumers to make a positive impact in their communities. But we know there is still so much more work to do. That’s why we’re broadening our climate strategy by leveraging existing solutions to capture and sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

Overall this is a really positive environmental development and it’s fantastic to see that Samsung will be getting some exposure to Cardano as well.