Interesting links

A round up

We’ve been a little busy on some pool improvements behind the scenes here, and not posting so much on the blog.

There have been a few great IOG blog posts of late which we wanted to link….

2021: the year robots, and graffiti came to a decentralized, smarter Cardano…Beeple used to illustrate IOG blog posts, but art NFTs made him a millionaire, and then AI and DeFi arrived. The Beeple artwork is shown at the top of the page…A great summary of last year in crypto, a lot happened, this space is so fast you tend to lose track.

DeFi demystified…With the Cardano ecosystem set to grow exponentially in 2022, now is the time to get to grips with some of the prime principles – and jargon – behind DeFi…Another good blog post that goes through the basic terms and goals of DeFi and what to expect.

How we’re scaling Cardano in 2022…With core smart contract capability now deployed, the next phase for Cardano focuses on performance optimization and scaling….Tim Harrison runs through some of the improvements we can expect in ’22…and while it’s a nice problem to have, we are going to need them as we are now running at 100% throughput on chain as of mid January.