Cardano Community

IO Scotfest

At the tail end of last year IO hosted Scotfest in Edinburgh. The playlist is available on YouTube.

The Cardano community is entering a new era, one where the community’s voice is becoming stronger than ever. To celebrate, IOG hosted a two-day virtual event to showcase all of the features of Cardano and the extensive involvement and diversity of the community. We also highlighted some of the new products IOG is building for Cardano and for all blockchains. Watch Charles’ keynote speech, fireside chats, project presentations, and more here.

There were a number of announcements, some of which we have covered already such as Midnight, the new privacy oriented side chain.

However we wanted to link a few of the presentations which are well worth digging into, including Charles’ keynote which we’ve embedded.

Others of particular note; the Edinburgh Decentralisation Index, Scaling with Plutus v2, and Input Endorsers. You can also find details from Tim in the IOG blog post.

The pace is not slowing at all…