Cardano Community

Year in review

It’s that time again. As 2023 comes to a close after another busy year, Tim and crew are taking a journey through some of the highlights that made this year truly remarkable for the Cardano ecosystem.

From the groundbreaking research at IOG to the launch of transformative projects from an array of builders, Cardano has seen unprecedented growth and success throughout the year. We’ll be revisiting key moments, acknowledging the contributions of the Cardano community, and highlighting the achievements that shaped the age of Voltaire. From Valentine Upgrade, Wanchain’s launch of the first cross-chain bridge, and global CIP-1694 workshops to Rare Evo, Cardano Summit and recent Cardano Ballot – let’s relive it all.

We would also like to thank you for staking with us and keeping the ADAvault pools full. In recognition we recently extended our 0% promotion for another year to ensure that we continue to provide the most competitive service to you. We also plan to start development on a new product during in 2024, and will provide delegators an early chance to participate. More details in due course.

Merry Christmas from ADAvault and best wishes for the New Year.