About Us

We strongly believe that Cardano can empower people around the world who do not have open access to identity, banking, insurance and other financial services. These foundations have the potential to transform and improve the lives of billions of people during the 21st century.

The ADAvault founders have worked in cyber security for many years, and bring to ADAvault deep experience designing and operating the controls that protect insurers, banks, exchanges, and payment services.

ADAvault is focused at this point on delivering a highly secure, and reliable Stake Pool. We operate with low latency fiber connectivity, bare metal servers, hardware firewalls, fault tolerant design and UPS protection. 

Our fees will always be fair, as the Cardano system grows we plan to extend our services to include custodial options, in addition to Stake Pool delegation, and will continue contributing back to the Cardano community.

Why Cardano?

We have participated in Open Source projects and watched closely as the crypto world has grown through 1st and 2nd generation technologies. For us the philosophy and approach of Cardano is a big part of its attraction, and gives confidence in the likelihood of long term success and wide adoption.

The Cardano community are very focused on positive outcomes, embrace newcomers, and willingly share knowledge. The leadership and vision is very strong. We believe this will be a really important factor in the next 5 years to build the ecosystem to the point where it is self sustaining.

Cardano also enjoys a number of significant technical benefits over other blockchains. These will be critical to enable the Cardano goal of becoming the worlds financial operating system:

  • Rigorous scientific and mathematical basis to the design with academic peer review
  • Proof of Stake protocol supports true decentralisation
  • Transparent and scalable governance mechanisms
  • Smart contract languages that can be made widely accessible
  • Interoperability that can position Cardano as the internetwork of blockchains

Pool details


ADAvault uses bare metal servers, linux hardened builds, dedicated secure racking, and low latency fibre optic connectivity. It is built in line with the Cardano reference architecture with multiple relay nodes, a seperate Block Producing Node (BPN), and cold storage for keys.


We are very focused on privacy and security. System operations and design is aligned to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and NIST 800-53. We use Qualys for vulnerability scanning and Cloudflare as our Web Application Firewall.

Our SSL Labs security scan passes with rating ‘A’.


We operate using an active-passive topology with a passive cluster of relays and BPN in warm standby (replicating but not producing blocks). We swap the active cluster for maintenance (security patching, node upgrades, and hardware changes).

Software versions

The relays and BPN are running Node 1.21.1. All hardened builds are based the latest Linux O/S latest stable LTS versions. We use a combination of Ubuntu & CentOS distros.

Further details are available upon request.