Cardano Updates

Goguen: The Third Era

Update from Emurgo on Goguen in this Blog post which looks into how this phase will bring Cardano close to completion:

Goguen could be the most important release for the Cardano blockchain network. This phase will introduce many new and exciting features – most notably smart contracts, which will open up a lot more tangible opportunities of development for both developers and enterprises wanting to leverage Cardano’s blockchain network. This will also enable the Cardano community as well as businesses to use their creativity to develop valued services and solutions. As we approach the release of Goguen, there are a ton of great updates and facets to unpack.

Good to see a shift to greater comms and marketing as the project moves towards the final phases. Check it out here:

Cardano Updates

Marlowe Update

Great blog post from Professor Simon Thomson at IOHK on Marlowe which will bring industry scale finance contracts to Cardano:

In this post, we introduce Marlowe, a new language for financial contracts, and describe the benefits of it being a domain-specific language (DSL). As a DSL it describes only financial contracts, rather than smart contracts in general. Because of this, it differs from general-purpose blockchain languages like Solidity and Bitcoin Script.

Marlowe is industry-scale. We have built Marlowe contracts based on examples from one of the leading projects for financial smart contracts, the Algorithmic Contract Types Unified Standards (Actus) system. Currently, these and other examples can be seen in the Marlowe Playground, a browser-based environment in which users can create, edit, simulate, and analyse Marlowe contracts, without having to install or pay for anything.

Really nice to see the pace of delivery from IOHK and the Cardano Foundation being maintained as we go through 2020.

You can try out the Marlowe playground here in your browser, for use cases such as escrow, options and swaps. It’s the alpha version but already looking impressive with a very clean UI design and intuitive UX.

2021 is shaping up to be a really exciting time for this project.

Cardano Updates

Cardano Node 1.21.1 Released

From the release notes:

This release includes support in the cardano-cli for multi-signature addresses and transactions. It also resolves a problem that has been affecting pool operators at the 48-hour mark within each epoch. It has various other minor improvements and fixes detailed below.

The “Live View” mode for the Cardano node is being deprecated in favour of a new external “RT View” (RT for real-time) monitoring tool which is cross-platform and has a richer browser-based interface. The new RT View component will be released separately. The Live View mode is still available in this release of the node, but will be removed in a future release.

One of the bugs fixed is:

Fixed a bug in the calculation of the pool stake fraction reported in the stake pool query used by wallets (#1880)

This may be relevant for the relatively lower ADV ranking in Daedalus compared to Yoroi and ADApools.

We’ve run in soak test on the passive cluster, no issues detected so have cut the active ADAvault stake pool cluster across for the remainder of Epoch 222.