Cardano Updates

IOHK partners with Wolfram

IOHK have struck a deal with Wolfram, and Cardano will join Bitcoin and Ethereum in integrating into Wolfram’s industry leading technology and knowledge base, Wolfram Alpha. You probably already know that Wolfram’s knowledge base and Natural Language Processing technology helps power agents like Siri and Alexa.

The blog post notes:

We are currently defining a scope of work which would leverage Wolfram Alpha to provide Oracle services for Cardano. Oracles are a crucial component of powering smart contracts. They allow data to be transported from a variety of sources into the blockchain. This information can be anything from election results and sports scores to currency exchange rates and statistical data. This greatly expands Cardano’s ability to offer new ways for developers to integrate advanced external information into their smart contacts.

This is really good news, as it opens up many interesting development avenues.

  • The potential for oracle services expands massively and therefore types of smart contracts.
  • Integration with and the AI services it will offer.
  • Or imagine being able to simply ask Alexa or Siri to search and set up a smart contract on your behalf.