Cardano Updates

Cardano Node 1.25.1

It’s upgrade time. Cardano Node 1.25.1 has been released ready for the ‘hard fork’ due at the end of February which will enable Native Tokens on mainnet. From the release notes:

This release is expected to be the final release for the upcoming Mary hard fork, and everyone must upgrade to this (or a later) version to cross the Mary hard fork.

The Mary hard fork introduces native token functionality to Cardano. This is directly useful and is also one of the significant building blocks for the later Goguen smart contracts.

Exchanges and other users that integrate closely with Cardano must take action to test their integration before the transition takes place on mainnet. Exchanges can use launchpad or staging, SPOs can use staging, and everyone should use public testnet once it forks. Staging will go through the Mary hard fork on 28th January, and public testnet will go through the Mary hard fork during week commencing 1st February. The native token functionality does have an impact for all custom wallet implementations: it is not a feature that can be ignored and remain compatible. All addresses are capable of receiving native tokens.

ADAvault has upgraded to 1.25.1 and we are ready to go….