Cardano Updates

Cardano Node 1.26.1

A new version of Cardano Node has been released as part of the transition to Smart contracts in Alonzo. There will be another release before that however this version makes a number of changes that will support the transition along with a large number of performance improvements. From the release notes:

This release includes significant performance improvements and numerous other minor improvements and feature additions. In particular the reward calculation pause is eliminated, and the CPU load for relays handling lots of incoming transactions should be significantly reduced.
The focus of the current development work is on completing and integrating support for the Alonzo era. This release includes many of the internal changes but does not yet include support for the new era.

All ADAvault nodes have been upgrade to 1.26.1 as of Thursday 8th April. As part of this we have also upgraded cncli to version 2.0.0 to prepare for the increased entropy which will be introduced to leader slot calculations shortly.