Cardano Updates

Daedalus Wallet Update

A new version of the Daedalus Wallet has been released. From the release notes:

Daedalus 4.1.0 enables configuration settings for decimal places in native tokens with recommended values fetched from the Cardano token registry. This version also enables Fund4 voting registration, starting at 16:00 UTC on June 3rd, and includes overall improvements and resolves some known issues.

After upgrading, you will need to wait at least 30 minutes for Daedalus to start. This is due to changes in the block storage mechanism which requires a full verification of the locally-stored copy of the Cardano blockchain.

And you will need to allow some time for the blockchain verification. Our tests on a recent i7 iMac suggested nearer 60 minutes to validate the blockchain. In the longer term this will improve as Daedalus will not run as a full node wallet.

The team continue to make good progress on Daedalus, expect further updates as we move into the Smart contract era with Alonzo.