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Climate Neutral Cardano

ADAvault have recently joined the Climate Neutral Cardano Group.

We’ve been using renewable energy since the pool was founded at the start of Shelley in Epoch 208. But recently we increased that commitment to 100% Carbon Neutral. This commitment means our power provider also offsets the carbon costs to manufacture and maintain the renewable generation capability, and we also commit to offset the operational costs of the pool like the hardware used.

We believe the existential threat Climate Change represents demands that all responsible businesses should be 100% Carbon Neutral immediately. The world simply does not have time to spare to continue to talk about how we may act in the future.

The science has been there since the Club of Rome published the Limits to Growth in 1972. This landmark study has recently been revalidated and suggests we have less than 10 years until we have passed the point of no return.

We have already impacted biodiversity in ways that will be hard to recover. A loss of complexity that has been built up by evolution over billions of years and cannot be recovered. A loss for future generations that it is impossible to cost.

We believe blockchain technology, and the non-inflationary money supplies they support will be key to avoiding the worst outcomes. They offer a path to sound money which will help us to price future impacts more effectively than current fiat currencies, which promote spend now pay later as the default economic paradigm.

This path promises a route for mankind to manage growth within the technological carrying capacity of the planet, and act as a responsible steward for future generations.