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Start up incubator for Africa

Project Catalyst, the Cardano funding incubator for new start up companies has launched a focussed incubator for Africa in partnership with Iceaddis:

Input Output Global’s Project Catalyst has launched Ariob, an incubator scheme, in collaboration with iceaddis, a pan-African business incubator, and accelerator. Ariob means ‘a collection of stars’ in Ge’ez, an ancient Semitic language of Ethiopia.

It is very positive to see the focus on Africa being maintained. The continent has potential to be an incredible force for global growth in the 21st century and has the opportunity to skip across technology generations and to newer models of business. This could allow Africa to dramatically exceed Western countries growth rates in the next 20-50 years, greatly improving life expectancy and living standards across the continent.

It links well to the World Mobile initiative to democratise ownership of internet access, and provide an effective service that is orders of magnitude cheaper to access.