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Cardano 360 August 2023

Another packed update from Tim and the team, also embedded below for your convenience: In this August edition of Cardano360, we explore the innovative ADA Handle collaboration simplifying wallet addresses with Lace and Eternl, Mithril’s milestone mainnet launch and its growing community involvement, Project Catalyst’s empowerment of the Cardano community through Fund10 and voting opportunities.…

Interesting links

Start up incubator for Africa

Project Catalyst, the Cardano funding incubator for new start up companies has launched a focussed incubator for Africa in partnership with Iceaddis: Input Output Global’s Project Catalyst has launched Ariob, an incubator scheme, in collaboration with iceaddis, a pan-African business incubator, and accelerator. Ariob means ‘a collection of stars’ in Ge’ez, an ancient Semitic language of Ethiopia.…

Cardano Community

Project Catalyst Fund 6

We need to own up. We’ve been a bit slow on Catalyst, and while we looked into it back in Fund 2, we hadn’t actually got round to voting until Fund 6 which is the current round. We finally got round to voting because of an interesting discussion at the Cardano Summit with one of…