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Project Catalyst Fund 6

We need to own up. We’ve been a bit slow on Catalyst, and while we looked into it back in Fund 2, we hadn’t actually got round to voting until Fund 6 which is the current round.

We finally got round to voting because of an interesting discussion at the Cardano Summit with one of the leads for this project which is looking at ways to grow Cardano adoption in Africa by providing a P2P market to buy and sell Cardano ADA and tokens for cash.

Its a fantastic idea, and the proposal and people behind it are very professional. We’ve voted for it and would recommend any delegators who have registered for Fund 6 take a closer look.

In case you are wondering how to get involved in Catalyst you can find details here:

You will need to get the Catalyst app to vote which is available for Apple and Android devices. Once you’ve registered for a specific fund in Daedalus you can scan a QR code and it’s all pretty straightforward.

We will share some details in advance of Fund 7 to help make the process a bit easier.