Cardano Updates

Cardano360 April

Cardano360 is hot off the press for April and has a developer focus this month with news on Marlowe, Cardano’s Domain Specific Language for Smart Contracts. This will be an important addition to the development capabilities available and promises to open up smart contracts to new cohorts of business focussed users as well as the traditional developer community.

There’s also an update on side chains and bridges, and interviews with developers like Milkomeda and Wanchain who have offerings in this space. Side chains permit increases in speed by leveraging the security guarantees from the base chain, and focussing on specific user communities and use cases. They also increase interoperability in conjunction with bridges by facilitating the transfers of assets between different chains like Ethereum and Cardano.

There’s also an update from David Taylor, Marketing Director at the Cardano Foundation with news that they will be running a booth at Consensus Blockchain Conference this summer. That’s excellent to hear, and will definitely increase coverage and awareness within the industry, and should help build some more “bridges”.

The same high quality production values and content as ever from Tim and team. Recommended viewing.