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Web3 analysis

Ben Evans publishes an annual update on his analysis of the tech sectors major trends. In the latest he touches on Web3 and crypto:

The most exciting themes in technology today are transformative visions for 2025 or 2030: crypto, web3, VR, metaverse… and then everything else. Meanwhile, hundreds of start-ups take ideas from the last decade and deploy them over and over in one industry after another. And trying to keep up, the old economy faces waves of disruption from ideas we first talked about in the 1990s.

He touches on the “great rebranding”, realigning crypto to web3 and explores how it has the potential to unlock much more than the straightforward monetary use case that has been covered to date.

What does that mean? Simply that web3 can unlock new models for building software (extending open source), facilitate the move towards decentralised internet business models from the web2 monoliths that currently dominate, and provide more resilient decentralised networks.

In other words pushing power to the edge and empowering creators directly to benefit from their work, unlike the share cropping that has characterised the growth of web2 business models like Facebook (Meta), Twitter, and Google.

We are starting to see that future come into focus on Cardano with the explosive growth of NFTs, integration with AI pioneers like SingularityNet or Network providers like WorldMobile.

The ‘3 steps to the Future’ presentation is embedded for convenience below, but we recommend visiting Ben’s site and signing up for the newsletter he publishes.