Cardano Updates

Lace wallet

News in that IOG are making progress on the release of their light wallet called Lace, which will complement Daedalus (a full node wallet that keeps a complete copy of the blockchain).

In a recent blog post Olga Hryniuk provides details:

To simplify the experience for wallet users, IOG is developing Lace ‒ a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all blockchain operations. This new platform will be feature-packed, yet lightweight, streamlining online finance. Acting as a portal to Web3.0, Lace will encompass elements of true decentralization. This means that users will be able to interact with other users and organizations in a peer-to-peer way, exchanging data and assets without relying on third parties.

Good news for NFT holders, and more broadly for the ecosystem. We are now spoilt for choice in Cardano when it comes to wallet options. One more will drive further adoption, open up new use cases, and keep other wallet providers ‘on their toes’.

Of particular interest is the proposed integration with Atala Prism, IOG’s decentralised identity platform. This is an area we see with enormous potential for growth in the coming years.