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CIP 1694 Voltaire Governance

We recommend checking out the proposal on GitHub for CIP1694 that proposes an approach for Governance of Cardano in the Voltaire era.

It’s an elegant and impressive document, both for the obvious thought that has gone into it, and for the simplicity that has been achieved for what is a very complex topic. The core mechanism reuses the delegation design inherent in the Cardano protocol which should simplify adoption and uptake.

We recommend that you take the time to read it (allow at least 30 mins to read and some more to digest).

Charles also covers Voltaire in a recent You Tube update, embedded below for convenience. As ever this is worth a watch.

We will add some analysis and comments to this post in the coming weeks to cover our thoughts.

1 Picture by Sir William Quilter Orchardson: Voltaire (1694-1778)

Voltaire was at a dinner hosted by the Duc de Sully at which he outsmarted the Duc de Rohan in argument. Rohan had Voltaire summoned from the room and beaten by his servants. The incident represented is Voltaire’s return to the dining-room, and his appeal to his host to challenge the insult. The guests are seated at an elaborately laid table, the Duc at the head turning disdainfully to Voltaire, who stands with white face, clenched hands, and irate gesture, to the right.

For more about the picture see

You will have no doubt guessed where the CIP reference number comes from as well…