Cardano Updates

Cardano Foundation Activity Report

For those new to the ecosystem, The Cardano Foundation is an independent, Swiss-based not-for-profit organization tasked with advancing Cardano as a public digital infrastructure across a wide range of industries.

They have just published the Activity report for 2023, with a summary by the CEO Frederik Gregaard. Fred has been is that role for a few years now, and under his leadership there has been some solid progress to focus the Foundation mission and increase levels of professionalism.

Fred touches on 3 main themes, operational resilience, education and adoption; recognising the strength of the wider community and its importance to Cardano’s long term success. He also touches on the future trends which speak to the need for decentralised blockchains:

The emergence of exponential technologies such as AI and synthetic biology make the need for verifiable credentials and infrastructure more important than ever. Trust in our systems must be strengthened, especially when these systems facilitate governance, commerce, global trade, and education. Achieving this requires transparency and traceability. It also calls for agile yet dependable infrastructure. With the network’s extraordinary up-time, a testament to the reliability and trustworthiness paramount to any critical infrastructure, Cardano stands not just as a beacon of innovation but as a paragon of stability.

You can read the report here.