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Cardano360 November

Another cracking show from Tim and crew, and another welcome appearance from John Woods covering the ongoing network optimisation, along with regulars Nigel and Kevin covering progress on PAB. The professionalism of the Cardano360 updates continues to be top notch, and provides an encompassing view on progress through the ecosystem, including news on the much…

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Slow and steady wins the race

A really good summary of the design considerations for performance that have driven the development of the Cardano blockchain by John Woods, the IOHK Director of Cardano Architecture. All blockchains face a choice between decentralisation, speed, and security; the so called blockchain trilemma. He notes: From its conception, Cardano has been architected as a platform…

Cardano Updates

Mid monthly update

Tim and crew share a mid monthly progress update. Regular attendees include Nigel and Kevin covering PAB and Plutus optimisation, and John Woods also joins to provide some architectural insight on block chain scaling and the NFT drop challenges seen lately. We remain very confident in the progress the team are making on the core…