Market Cap

We are not big fans of dwelling overly on market cap and the price of ADA. Analysing charts is not a productive use of time, and there is no strong short term correlation between price and real value.

However you may have noticed that the price of Cardano has gone up a lot since staking went live on Shelley at the end of July last year.

You may have also noticed that the number of r/cardano subscribers has broken through 100k recently and currently sits at approximately 175k.

You may have also been paying attention to the fact that the native tokens TestNet is live, and that there will be native tokens (assets) supported on MainNet at the end of February 2021.

Later on this year (likely mid to late Q2) smart contracts will go live.

And the Cardano vision for interoperability is truly massive

We firmly believe that price in the long term simply follows from utility and adoption (it’s highly correlated with Metcalfe’s Law aka the Network Effect).

So join with us, get involved and enjoy the ride.