Cardano Updates

Cardano360 End of Year

It’s that time already! Where did 2021 go?

Year end summary from the Cardano team including a summary from Charles, and look back across successes in 2021. There were a lot.

Some numbers from 2021:

  • 36 new research papers accepted and presented
  • 106 releases on public repos, with over 38k GitHub commits
  • 100’s of pages of documentation updated on Cardano Docs
  • 1000’s of developers trained on Plutus
  • 2 million + native tokens minted
  • 152 new employees at IOG working across 37 countries
  • 312 projects funded via Catalyst with $8m USD available in Fund 7
  • 2 million wallets registered.

A few of the many things to look forward to in 2022, scaling and a new version of Ouroboros (the base protocol), networking improvements with a move to true P2P, Hydra (layer 2 scaling), Mithril (state recovery to facilitate light clients), and a significant rollout of dApps.

We are proud to be a part of this community, we hope you are too. A lot achieved, a lot still to do.