New Year 2022

2021 has been an unusual year by any standards, and we wanted to drop a quick note to wish all our delegators the best for 2022.

A lot has happened in the Cardano world during the last year, and we as we start 2022 we stand at the threshold of another significant year where we can expect increased volumes, new capabilities, and much wider adoption.

The last 12 months were about building the foundations for the Smart Contact era (Goguen). Now these are in place we can expect to see developments on Real Finance (RealFi), NFTs and artworks, Gaming, and major AI projects such as SingularityNet moving across to Cardano.

There is a lot to look forward to, and we expect to start building out our own smart contract vaulting capabilities during 2022 as well.

We will be keeping the same minimum charges into the New Year. Thanks for delegating to our pools.