Cardano Community


So we have a new Members Based Organisation (MBO) for Cardano called Intersect which is an important part of the jigsaw for a successful transition to community governance.

This will be a key institution for the ecosystem, bringing together companies, developers, individuals, and other ecosystem participants to shape and drive the future development of Cardano. It will be a steward of the underlying blueprints and technology for the community beginning with the Cardano node, core Cardano libraries and components required to operate the protocol, and all of its accompanying documentation, knowledge, and contributors.

In this role it will be an administrator of processes that govern the continued roadmap and development of the Cardano platform and protocol. All participants in the Cardano ecosystem are welcome to become Intersect members. Made up of a distributed group of participants, including the foremost experts on Cardano and current ecosystem contributors, Intersect will facilitate healthy discussions and sound decision-making amongst its members, and the community at large, to uncover pain points, while championing successes. To join as a founding member, click here.