Cardano Updates

New Daedalus Release

If you are using Daedalus, Cardano’s full node wallet, then it’s time to upgrade to version 5.3.0 which will add the ability to vote on the latest Catalyst round.

It also adds a few improvements under the covers on dependencies such as Cardano node and slightly improves start up and sync times (based on our experience).

  • The Daedalus 5.3.0 Mainnet release supports the new Catalyst registration process, which requires registering with a regular payment address (and not with staking rewards address).
  • If you participated in previous voting and wish to participate in Fund 10, please ensure you register again with Daedalus 5.3.0, since old registration formats will not be eligible for voting rewards.
  • The update improves the stability of the exchange rate conversion feature. It also makes the syncing progress percentage formatting more consistent.
  • This update brings in numerous dependency updates – cardano-wallet 2023-04-14, Electron 24.2, Node.js 18.14.0, trezor-connect 9.0.8, Cardano Ledger JS app 6.0.0.

Release notes are available here.