Cardano Updates

Bringing ERC20 to Cardano

Ok, so you might be thinking, “What is ERC20 and why do I care?”. ERC20 is the smart contract standard used by Ethereum. It’s become the pre-eminent standard at this point, and while the smart contract environment that Cardano will shortly offer has many advantages there are a lot of projects on Ethereum that are…

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SingularityNET AGI token to be hard-forked to Cardano

News just in that the SingularityNET Phase II Launch sequence has been activated, and the AGI token is to be hard-forked to a Cardano-compatible AGIX token. In a SingularityNet post on Medium Abby Benali writes: We are proud to announce that the SingularityNET AGI token is ready for the biggest milestone since it was first…